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Life as we know it revolves around water. We rely upon it for nourishment, travel and opportunity—and seek it out for adventure, beauty and discovery. Inspired by the city’s endearing bond to the river, BB Riverboats provides opportunities centered on those same principles. By embracing the legacy of the brand, bluestone set out to redesign the look, tone, and feel, as well as the brand architecture, to make BB Riverboats more relevant with today’s audiences while remaining true to the heritage of the company. You truly haven’t experienced Cincinnati until you step aboard a BB Riverboats cruise. Read More

Brand Development
BB Riverboats logo designed by Bluestone Creative
Bluestone working on BB Riverboats logo redesign
BB Riverboats concept seals designed by Bluestone Creative
Photography work of the Belle of Cincinnati
Photography work of man playing banjo
Photography work of boat details at BB Riverboats
Uniform designs created by Bluestone Creative
Uniform concepts for BB Riverboats
Brand Collateral
Boarding Kit
Branded BB Riverboats boarding kit
BB Riverboats branded map design of Cincinnati, Ohio
Photography of two guests aboard BB Riverboats cruise

bluestone developed a custom web experience that emboldens the BB Riverboats brand. Capturing the essence of what BB offers and serving it up to users in a clean, modern and user-friendly web interface was at the forefront of the web overhaul. The modern front-end web experience is complemented by a custom back-end CMS feeding a scheduler and serving up daily and specialty cruises. bluestone’s proprietary beta web application, Current Conditions, is a custom, one-of-a-kind industry tool giving users important river conditions and forecasts right at their fingertips. The multi-functional application is beneficial for BB Riverboats clients as well as boaters alike. Read More

Web Design
desktop view of BB Riverboats website developed by Bluestone Creative
Cruise calendar website layout for BB Riverboats website redesign
Detailed cruise webpage from BB Riverboats
Mobile web development mockup design

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