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Every once in a while, a product comes along that is leaps and bounds better than its competition. But all of the scientific research and test results in the world are trivial without product awareness. That's where Bluestone came in. Developing a standard for the brand guaranteed a maintained level of integrity while coexisting with partner brands. By elevating the outward image of DownTek, the brand has become a well recognized industry leader and preferred supplier of treated down for many high end companies in the outdoor products industry. Read More

Brand Innovation
DownTek hang tags design
Infographic design for DownTek
DownTek jacket with water drops
DownTek award stamps
Ad Placement
Marketing and advertising placement for DownTek in a magazine

A well designed, informative website can be almost as vital to a brand’s success as the product it represents. The primary function of Down-Tek’s website is B2B communication, while the secondary is creating an attractive environment to showcase Down-Tek’s technology driven product offering. To show Down-Tek’s true consumer benefit and highlight it’s ultimate credibility in the outdoor retail industry, a combination of form and function were used to align the brand’s scientific element with it’s growing list of high end clients. Read More

Web Design
Redesigned DownTek website on a mobile device
Home page of DownTek website redesign developed by Bluestone Creative

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