North 680

Find your North.

Life is a voyage—a pursuit toward something more. It’s a journey where your success is defined by chances taken and choices made. These experiences along the way make you who you are and where you choose to call home becomes more than just a place, but a reflection of your identity. The North 680 visual identity consists of a unique color palette inspired by Schaumburg’s surrounding parks and nature sanctuaries. Read More

Brand Development
North 680 logo design
North 680 topographic logo concept
Find Your North design concept on a card
Aerial view of Chicago, IL
North 680 brand colors picked by Bluestone Creative
Brand Collateral
North 680 business card design
North 680 stationary and envelope collateral
Mockup of mobile website design
North 680 map graphic
Photography of a North 680 apartment

The North 680 web experience is driven by location and the surrounding area of Schaumburg, Illinois. With close proximity to Chicago, the property offers the best of urban living just within reach. Through the brand, the website is constantly reinforcing individuality, and finding your own way. The UI/UX evokes emotion through animation and transition packaged in a clean and sophisticated design. As users navigate North 680, a feeling of adventure, embarking on a journey is constantly expressed through interaction. Exploration is key to finding your north. Read More

Web Design
North 680 mobile site on a mobile device
Home page of North 680 website
Sample web page from North 680's website
mockup of sample web pages on mobile

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