USS Nightmare

The former dredging vessel with a deep, dark past.

Everyone loves Halloween, but there's a level of visual stagnation that comes with the ghosts and goblins usually associated with the season. The same can be said of haunted attractions. So when the time came to resurrect the image of the William S. Mitchell, better known now as the USS Nightmare, Bluestone set out to redefine the way thrill seekers view and interact with the brand. Read More

Video Production
USS Nightmare logo design
Brand Artwork
Brand artwork concept for a Cincinnati haunted house
USS Nightmare branded poster
USS Nightmare season calendar design
Designed For Death | USS Nightmare headline

Creating an engaging online experience was an essential component of the USS Nightmare relaunch. This proved to be the perfect vehicle to tell the story of both the original ship and the haunted attraction. To accomplish this, we combined responsive web design with impactful imagery and videos, sure to pique the interest of our target audience. Read More

Web Design & Digital Campaign
Mobile, desktop, and tablet website mockups
Social advertisement concept designs
Homepage redesign for USS Nightmare Sample web page Bluestone Creative developed for USS Nightmare
Sample web page from USS Nightmare Sample design from USS Nightmare redesign

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